Civil Law

Upon receiving instructions, you will be sent an acknowledgement e-mail and the matter is then allocated to one of our draftsmen. You will be notified of who is handling the matter in the initial e-mail. That can only be decided when the case has proceeded through our initial vetting process.

We can be instructed to draft any/all of the following:

Bills of Costs
Points of Dispute
Schedules of Replies
Statements of Costs
Estimates of Costs
Schedules of Costs
Costs Budgets

*New PH and PR Guidance (April 2016)

We undertake all drafting work within 14 days. However, if for reasons of urgency that time has to be
abridged, we will deal with the case within whatever timescale prevails.

In some cases, our clients just require our drafting service. However, we will whenever and wherever possible assist in any of the subsequent processes:


Administration Processes and Negotiations

Rather than return the drafted Bill of costs, Points of Dispute, Schedule of Replies etc, in order to assist you through the process, we have an Admin team on hand to undertake the process on your behalf.

We also have a team of adept negotiators who will ensure that your claim for costs is pursued strenuously and in a way that guarantees the best possible results for you. Our negotiators work to strict timetables so that no time is lost when negotiating your costs.

Our negotiators work closely with our draftsmen so as to jointly ensure that your hard work throughout substantive actions are fully and properly rewarded.


CCMC Hearing Attendance and Other Advocacy

Our advocacy team can deal with any costs case in Court on your behalf. We are also on hand to attend any joint settlement meetings with you if required.