Paying Party

Our vast experience of dealing with Claimants solicitor’s costs places us in the best position to adeptly handle claims for costs on behalf of the paying party.

At the conclusion of a civil action, one or other (sometimes both) of the parties are ordered to pay the costs of the other. Historically we have represented the solicitors on behalf of the party who is being paid the costs (“the receiving party”) however, we now also act for the paying parties.

Our unique wealth of “receiving party” experience enables us to predict which way an assessing Court would view any particular aspect of a claim for costs and this means that we are best placed to negotiate the best possible outcome often without the need for Court intervention.

If you are served with a schedule of costs or a Bill of costs, we provide a service whereby we will assess the costs claim, draft the necessary documentation so as to comply with any applicable Court timetable and then attempt to negotiate settlement on your behalf.

Our draftsmen and negotiators work to strict protocols so as to ensure that advice to our clients is clear and quick. We appreciate that time is of the essence but that is not the only factor. The right settlement is of paramount importance.

Our system of charging for this type of work is designed to give our clients peace of mind. We will only charge for work done if our clients derive a financial benefit. Usually one is derived however, in the unusual event of there not being any financial benefit, we would not charge for our services.


Our charges:

Drafting Points of dispute: £100/hour
Negotiating settlement: 15% of saving achieved