Summary of report of Lord Justice Jackson

FIXED RECOVERABLE COSTS: LJ JACKSON’ S REPORT   Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Supplemental Report – Fixed Recoverable Costs, July 2017 On the 31 July 2017, at a launch event at the Law Society, Lord Justice Jackson presented his Supplemental Report on Fixed Recoverable Costs (“FRC”) which contains recommendations for extending the fixed recoverable costs […]

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Late acceptance of a Claimant Part 36 offer

HISLOP v PERDE This is a case where the Claimant had made a Part 36 offer and that was accepted late in the day (shortly before the scheduled trial) by the Defendant. Costs were fixed up to 21 days post-dating the Claimant’s offer but the Claimant wanted indemnity basis costs for the costs incurred thereafter. […]

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Employment tribunal fees abolished….What are the implications? Follow Up…

We are pleased to announce that our Managing Director’s article (which we posted on our blog last week) has been published on the Law Gazette’s website, under the title ‘Unison win exposes folly of commodifying justice’. If you’d like to have a read, please click here:

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